Game activation

Login to your account on our store.
Next, click on the "Purchases" button and then "Details" under a game you would like to redeem to your Steam account. A message with a link will appear which reads “Login to Steam to redeem this game.”. Clicking the link will open a new window where you will be asked to log into Steam. Enter your Steam username and password to continue.

If you are unable to login to Steam, you will need to recover your Steam username or password, or both. Instructions on how to recover your username and how to change your account’s password can be found on this account recovery help article from Steam:

After logging into your Steam account, you may encounter an extra security feature called Steam Guard. This feature is enabled by default on all accounts, but can be turned off through the Steam application. Follow the directions provided by entering the emailed security code and then provide Steam Guard with a name for the browser being used to login to Steam.

To learn more about Steam Guard as well as troubleshoot problems, please refer to this help article:

Once you have made it past Steam Guard, it is time to confirm that you do indeed want to connect your Steam account to your Bohemia Interactive store account in order to redeem Steam keys. Click on the "Allow" button to confirm this decision.

After clicking the "Allow" button, you will be taken back to your "Purchases" page, click on the details of the game and redeem the game with one click. You can open the Steam application on your computer, navigate to the Library section, and view your redeemed game in the list of games on the account.

If you won't be able to redeem the game please try a different browser (for example Firefox).

If you do not have the game under "My Games" then please send us screenshot of the confirmation email from PayPal.

If you do not have the confirmation email, then you card was most likely not charged. Please try purchasing the game again or contact us via the form below.