Arma 2: Combined Operations Multiplayer

As you know, Gamespy, the system that has been handling the majority of the multiplayer in many of our games is shutting down. There is no reason to worry however, as there is another method to play online.

Games affected:

  • Arma 2
  • Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead
  • Arma 2 Combined Operations
  • Arma 2 Complete Collection
  • Arma X Anniversary edition
  • All the Arma 2 DLCs
  • Arma Cold War Assault
  • Arma Armed Assault
  • Arma Gold
  • Take On Helicopters


How to connect to server?

In order to connect to a server you need to know the its IP address and port. Usually, these can be obtained from the server host (in most cases, they would have a website with the server details). Once you know those, follow the steps bellow to connect:


1. Select Multiplayer.


2. Choose Remote.


3. Enter IP address of the server. Do not forget to change the port and then continue with OK


4. Select the server and click Join

Arma 2: Combined Operations Multiplayer

Our web-based server browser provides Steam users with the possibility of directly connecting to an online server through simple browser-based system.

First of all, please open your Steam client, log in and then open your web browser and go to this site:

Now select the game you want to play in the browser.





Now edit the filters to find the server you want to join.

When you find the server you want to join just click on the blue "Steam" button right next to the server. Please note that you can see IP adresses and ports for all listed servers.

Click on 'Allow' in all the pop-up windows that will show up.

The game will start right after you confirm the last pop-up window. You will be automatically connected to the selected server.

Another way is to connect to the server directly (please note that you will have to chose this option every time you want to play multiplayer in a non-steam game).